Dome Mirror
Dome Mirror SK-360
Designed to Give You a Full 360° Field of View
Brilliant Reflective Mirrored Surface!
* Gives Complete Visibility of an Area
* Break-Resistant Acrylic Construction
* Ideal for Stores, Supermarkets, Schools, Warehouses & Plants
* 3 Sizes to Choose From
When large area surveillance is the problem, The Dome Mirror is the only solution. It gives a full 200° viewing area from one location alone. Constructed of strong acrylic, it has hanging wires which easily attach to the ceiling.
Reflective Mirrored Surface
360º 18" Dia. Mirrored Dome
360º 24" Dia. Mirrored Dome
360º 26" Dia. Mirrored Dome
90º and 180º Mirrored Dome Models are available upon request
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